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You don't have to look all over town to find the right people to do your IT installation for you.

Our trained installers let you relax during your project and long after it's done.

We cater for all your hardware, software, application and network installations.

Support Services


Support outsourcing can be an extremely complex and complicated undertaking.  Each facet of the exercise needs to be carefully considered and properly executed. There is little margin for error if full value is to be obtained. This need not be a trauma, nor an adventure of blind exploration.

The potential benefits that NXS provide are well documented, and strategic outsourcing is now mature enough for the path to have been trodden countless times previously.

The decision to outsource support is often made in the interest of lowering cost or making better use of time and energy, redirecting or conserving energy directed at the competencies of a particular business.

Our Support Services includes, but not limited to telephonic and on-site.

Web Services


NetworXolutionS will custom build each website according to our clients needs, no matter how large or specific the requirements are, we will deliver.

From the small start-up or home business websites, to large corporate websites and customized web solutions, NXS will provide a product of the highest quality. The aim is to develop a website that looks great AND is functional and websites which offer practical solutions for your business.

All our websites are feature rich and fully customized in designs, specifically tailored to our client's business.

NXS offers you the complete package, from the design and development of your web site through to web hosting, through our partner ISP. 

Voice over IP


VoIP works by sending voice information in digital form in packets over the Internet, rather than through the traditional circuit as used by Public Standard Telephone Networks (PSTN). The major advantage of VoIP and IP, is that the telephone calls over the Internet do not incur costs over and above the user’s standard Internet access fees.

NetworXolutioS LANPBX is based on the opensource PBX TRIXBox and supplies full functionality for a small to large office PABX together with state-of- the art infrastructure, and can also act as a component of a large call centre environment.

The LANPBX delivers a true convergence of voice and data communications systems over your Ethernet LAN, featuring state-of-the-art voice services like voice mail, automated attendant, Caller ID, conferencing, call forwarding, as well as free computer telephony integration (CTI) and unified messaging.


A flexible Ethernet architecture lets you roll out new applications and services for significantly reduced costs compared to traditional telephony offers.


Plug the LANPBX and all of your PC’s into your Ethernet LAN for a single, converged network infrastructure. One infrastructure pays your organization big dividends with greater scalability, lower cost of ownership and reduced administration. It also significantly reduce costs compared to traditional telephony systems. 

The LANPBX is scalable and you would never have to replace your whole system if your company is growing and new people are appointed. Just add the phone to your Ethernet network and configure your existing system and you are done.